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05/18/2011 | BBC, BBC Sinhala
One of the bloodiest wars of modern times ended exactly two years ago when the Sri Lankan state vanquished its nemesis, the separatist Tamil Tigers.
05/08/2011 | BBC, BBC Sinhala
The first ever Tamil MP in Canadian parliament says she will take the initiative to form an All Party Parliamentary Committee (APPC) to look into alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka during the last stages of the war.
04/24/2011 | BBC, BBC Sinhala
UN should have done more to prevent civilian casualties at the last stage of the war in Sri Lanka, says a former UN spokesman.
04/23/2011 | BBC, BBC Sinhala
A senior leader of Sri Lanka's main opposition says that the challenge by the United Nation's Committee report could only be defeated by concerted efforts of all political parties along with the release of former army commander Sarath Fonseka.
04/19/2011 | BBC Sinhala
United Nations warned the government that it must protect UN staff, after the President Rajapaksa called for protests against a UN war crimes report
04/16/2011 | BBC Sinhala
Leaked United Nations report into the Sri Lankan civil war say it estimates that up to forty-thousand civilians were killed in the final phase of the conflict
03/28/2011 | BBC Sinhala
Sri Lanka president says that he will make sure that media will be able to visit and report freely from north. President Mahinda Rajapaksa has questioned the director general of Media Centre for National Security (MCNS) on preventing foreign journalists visiting northern Sri Lanka.
02/25/2011 | BBC, BBC Sinhala
UN confirms the meeting with a high-level Sri Lankan delegation that included AG and Foreign Secretary.
02/25/2011 | BBC, BBC Sinhala
A Tamil political party in Sri Lanka has submitted a petition to the Supreme Court against forcibly registering Tamil residents in Jaffna allegedly by the security forces.
02/22/2011 | BBC, BBC Sinhala
Velupillai Parvati Pillai, the mother of Vellupillai Prabhakaran, was cremated on Tuesday with traditional Hindu rites.